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CB Cable Clips
C Brandauer & Co Ltd
235 Bridge Street West
Birmingham B19 2YU
United Kingdom

TEL: +44 (0)121 359 2822
FAX: +44 (0)121 359 2836

Email: info@cbcableclips.com


CB Cable Clips has 40 years on-site production and technical experience, with BS EN ISO 9002 approved products - over 530 million clips sold to date.

Welcome to CB Cable Clips

We supply the original ready-to-use, aluminium self-adhesive cable clips for a wide range of industrial, domestic and leisure applications including industrial lighting and signage manufacture, vending machines, computer hardware, hand driers, audio, TV, telecomm and security equipment and installation, vehicle manufacture and many electrical and DIY applications.

Some Key Product Benefits

  • Quick and easy-to-use
  • Strong adhesive acts instantly on clean surfaces
  • No tools or special skills required - just peel and stick
  • Easy-to-bend for awkward shapes
  • Long lasting adhesion to wood, metal, glass or plastic
  • Ideal in tight and cramped spaces
  • Safe to use, no vibration, noise or dust

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